Make up


A Short Adventure:

I love the way make up can enhance features. However I do not wear too much too often

Favorite type of make up:

Lip stick

Reason: I love lips stick because I feel like  with out loads of foundation, mascara, eye-shadow— a dash of lipstick can make an outfit stand out.

I like red based colors like a blood orange, purples, burgundy and red. These colors I feel complement my skin tone.

Recent discovery: May 2016

My recent discovery with make up would be eye brows. I refused to do them before because I did not understand the obsession with them and frankly I did not know what to start with to make them originally without just leaving them alone in the first place.

However a few days before this post I decided to try plucking them and then I started trying to shade them in.– first eyebrow came out badly, so i tried using a brush to shad them. They were magnificent, they still looked like my eyebrows — just in a cleaner shape. I called a friend later that day and asked them questions about doing my eyebrows.

Friends advice:

  • don’t use black
  • use a liquid or a power

What I did

  • used a pencil–I took an angle brush and rubs some of the eyeliner onto it
  • I shaded– using black. –I had recently started dying my hair black so I decided to try that color out and it works as long as I don’t over shade

Eyebrows for your face shape



Make up and hair are an art, please be mindful of your individuality.