New Products to Consider: personal recommendations/ Go -to’s

I have been easing my self out of being a product junkie and its only hard because I don’t want to waste what I have already purchased.

Ways to get rid of Products before starting on something new

  1. Use it all
    1. Try using all of the product for something like a deep condition or a 100 layers challenge (not recommend)
    2. follow through on the products you purchase
  2. Use it for something else
    1. Extra shampoos can be used as soap
    2. can be used for cleaning (make up brushes etc.)
  3. give it away
    1. let a friend borrow it with the intent of no return
    2. give it to someone you think would like to try it
    3. give it to the homeless — they have hair too
    4. donate it
  4. through it out
    1. if its trash its trash

Picking a new product

Read reviews and watch videos of people who have used it. try to find some videos of people with a similar hair type as you.

Read the ingredients

find samples if possible

ask a friends advance and see if they know anything about the product

Products that I personally recommend and why

Aussie+ fantasia serum frizz buster

This combination is great I soak my hair, do a couple even pumps of both products (as many pumps as you needs) and then I run my hair though warm water. Since Frizz buster is heat activated it warms the hair up enough to take in the product. When my hair dries/ is drying it is unbelievably soft. Adding a cream in the mix like a little bit of Shea moisture and you are set for a few days — my hair is so easy to manage after that combination..

However this combination is a lot of coats to the hair and scalp– considering that, it is best to shampoo your scalp every 2 to 3 weeks to avoid extreme build up. I also you like a very small amount of the Shea Moisture because of its thickness.

DAY THREE –after a wash and go


-I don’t know why I am squinting –

The last benefit of my hair process is when I decide to flat-iron it (which is rare) my hair has zero frizz. I use the frizz buster/ Aussie Co wash and then blow dry my hair with Silk elements before and during flat ironing. I do not use the Shea moisture during this process. The Frizz buster says not to wash it out, but the serum is too heavy to spread without water for me and I like a think layer not a coat. (that’s just me tho)

the results

Day 1


Day 2


Tying my hair up at night (silk scarf)– this style actually last through the week


And here is a corky picture of me playing in TJ Maxx. 🙂

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