Things I have STOPPED doing–During my natural hair Journey.


This I have stopped doing since I have been natural– and why?

Length checks.

I stopped posting length check doing my journey because I notices that pulling the hair down to check length to me seemed as though I am trying to prove to everyone that my hair grows and how much longer it is and could be. I know that my hair grows and I think that stretching the hair to prove that is growing does not give justice to an Afro or curly hair in its natural state — pulling the hair to me is like  compare it to European straight hair (length retention wise).I am fine with stretching or straightening my hair — but to promote natural hair and wearing my hair in its natural state, its time to accept my in its state– it may seem harmless but I think of children who are watching me pull my hair to prove my lenght. Pulling my hair to prove my lenght is saying to me  (as a teenager) that  my hair is holding in the secret of my beauty and I have to unfold it to reveal the truth. I know this seems dramatic, but I had to stop doing lenght checks the way that I had seen them done.

  • I have no judgement toward people who still do these, I personally do not at this time. I think straightening the hair is more deceiving then shrinkage.


Lace front wigs

Lace front wigs as protective styles was starting to get harsh on my hair-line. The netting was starting pull individual stands.

  • I could have been wearing it wrong, but I do not want to repeat the same error just to look a certain way.

Hair typing

I recently stopped hair typing, I know that I have post on how to hair type. After doing a lot more research on my hair I could not successfully categories my hair type. It started to become more confusing when I tried hair typing. I would see a picture of someone who suggested that they had 3C hair and then I would look at a picture of 4a hair and the hair looked the same as 3C. I couldn’t decide if the 3C person was wrong or right base on the categories. Then I realized that everyone is different and that hair typing still seems judgmental to me. It does help for product suggestions — but if you do not know what type you are then it defeats the purpose– why can’t hair be based on its softness and oil retention rather than the size of a curl/coil. So many curl manipulations to get the hair to curl more makes it hard to tell what is what

Out of respect– I covered the faces the first one is considered 3C and the other is 4a


try looking up 4 (A&B&C) and 3 (B&C) the pictures of some of the textures are not all the same, so how do we type our hair.


We Don’t. Be an individual :

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  1. I totally agree with you on hair typing. Its annoying and decisive. My hair is type H—healthy!

    KLP @

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    1. j00limia says:

      Team Gorgeous


  2. marypamela says:

    I had no idea what was meant by “hair typing.” lol. I agree with teamsavinggourstrands :).


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