A followers perspective: Weekend outfits Inspiration


how I would combined the outfits (from a followers perspective)


Hello beautiful people, how are y’all doing? Hope your doing well, back to me God has kept me well,i thank him. Still greatfull for the 200 followers(thanks to you). The month of May has really run so fast, don’t you agree?

So the Weekend is here and that means you can stay home watch your favorite movies/soaps, go to church, visit friends, go out with the girls for coffee,ice ice cream,Pizza or whatever plans you have for this Weekend.

Weekend means relaxing,resting and enjoy good food and spend more time with the family away from work,School.

I have styled three weekend outfits using Polivore to inspire you as you stay stylish and comfy at the same time. Take a look.

Look 1. Friday Vibes with Swag.

Boyfriends Jeans,White tee, back pack, shades screams swag. This is the epitome of Comfort.


Look 2. Edgy Saturday.

A bodcon Pencil stripped Skirt with…

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Angel Mbeks says:

    this looks chic too… i like your style. thanks for the repost.


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