Having a bad day can Reflect on the following

photo (4)

Reflections of a bad day in the making– may included but are not limited to

  • losing thinks you never lose (keys)
  • braking something you usually break but are able to fix
    • card or badge holder
    • purse strap
  • unable to do things you usually do in the morning
    •  wake up
    • hair
    • make up
  • something stops working properly
    • car

How to correct a bad day, go home early and sleep through it, a bad day usually gets worse overtime, go home. Maybe back tracking a few of your mistake like something missing and that may be beneficial to you as well.

I feel for you if you are having a bad day, but in order to know a good day– you must know a bad one.

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  1. j00limia says:

    Reblogged this on newoldnatural and commented:

    artistist purpose


  2. marypamela says:

    Truth. You must have a bad day to know a good one. If you’re a writer, you embrace a bad day to learn how show your characters’ growth. Was feeling bummed, but then turned that day into writing a very emotional scene. 🙂

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