Report for Artist Purpose: The Content Creators Conference…

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Doodling at work May 2016

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Sinawo Bukani

It was only a few weeks ago when I made my Bucket List for 2016. ‘Meet Someone Famous’ made it to Number 65 and ‘Be on the Guest List for an Event’ was recorded next to Number 104. I knew the first one would be the easiest to quickly scratch off my list but I had no idea that the exciting encounter with a TV personality would be between Brett Rogers and I.

Being on the guest list for the #POSSIBLEConference started out with an online application for an invitation to the conference, where you had to give evidence of projects you’ve worked on as well as links to your social media accounts. A confirmation followed a few days later with an itinerary with full details for the event. I was very excited about what poster had promised I would get out of the #POSSIBLEConference ‘learn how to hone my…

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