Protective Styles (Bad or Worse)

When your hair is this short, How the heck do you wear a protective style9ccfd-12093671_1082010511818853_905292999_n


O M Gees Louise, I think having short hair and trying to grow it out is so difficult when you cannot see the back of your head or your hair is not long enough to reach anywhere

I have cut my hair twice and I looked at it recently to do french braids back into a halo similar to the image below.  While I was detangling I notices that the back was unrealistically thin, So I decided that it was time to crack open the protective styles and silk scarves. I tried this hair style because I noticed that my sides had grown out enough to do so.

photo 515467391

2014 picture

When I first went natural I did not know much about protective styles. I watched hair tutorials but the styles did not have a caterogry yet when I first began. I french braided it, had it in individial (box braids) braids and even wore wigs. The wigs began to thin the hair, the french braids would not reach because my hair length, and the braiding hair was getting pricey and not staying on my shorts sides because of my hair cuts.

After wearing protective styles on short hair I realized that it is more harm done then none. short hair needs lots of wash and goes and free flow. The other problem with short hair is keeping a scarf on it at nigh if you cannot lay it down.

Sadly my suggestion to coarse Afro hair is to stick it out until you can do a successful protective style, and then change your routine accordingly to protect thinning sections (same thing with single stand knots).

I feel for you if you have suffered through this, but just consider your options and think before you cut

Pages to consider

  1. single stand knots (fairy knots)
  2. trims
  3. big chop (revelation)

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  1. K E Garland says:

    I just cut my hair and was thinking as I read this, yeah, you really just have to wash it more and keep it up that way.

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      1. K E Garland says:

        Nice. I’m not a weave wearer, but I’ll pass this on 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. j00limia says:

        weave? —oh extensions, not problem

        Liked by 1 person

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