Hair Growth, Hair Nope!!!

Hair Growth


———————Art inspired by Eartha Kitt——————————–

I always see a lot of Afro-naturals looking for and created videos or post about how to grow hair long or about how they reach that certain length of hair.

The biggest mistake out of all of them to me is this one, people have this weird idea that their hair does not grow. Whenever I look at black women with long hair online, I like to see an old picture of them and compare the time frame. Some women do not realize that it takes years to reach hair goals like waist length. I see a lot of women taking hair vitamins a long with a balanced diet (if your diets balanced then you may not needs so many vitamins). The use of vitamins is to help with deficiencies of certain vitamins like D, C,or what ever you seem to be lacking, but if you are already getting all of the vitamins for the day then why take more?

This idea that people needs extra supplements to grow their hair is interesting, I am sure it helps in some ways, but we do not really know what we are putting in our bodies to try to force it to over produce what it is already doing on a daily basis.

However there is a difference between stimulating the scalp and forces hair growth. stimulating the scalp allows for the hair to natural push new hair strands out to the surface. Rubbing the scalp during hair washes, massaging natural oils on the scalp, baggy method, etc.

The idea that hair will not grow on its own is bogus (unless the person actually has hair growth issues-cancer-alopecia ). When I was a child my hair was wild and grew quickly, as I got older and manipulated my hair more, I noticed that the hair was breaking and I was under the impression that my  hair needed more things that it may not have needed before. In reality my hair and scalp just needed a break from me and my hair experiments.

For those who dye their hair, they can see that the new growth is showing in contrast to the died hair.


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